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BARE-ROOTS NOW AVAILABLE!   Please note bare-root plants are now available for pick up/dispatch.



If you love quality, service with a smile and a total ‘rose experience’ with advice about how to grow the most beautiful roses in your garden using an organic management program, take a closer look at our website – sign up below to receive our Rose Rambler newsletter for regular information about everything there is to know all about roses.

Roses purchased from Silkies Rose Farm cannot be surpassed for QUALITY & VALUE because Silkies Rose Farm offers a 100% guarantee within three months of purchase.



Dear Gra and Di,

I just want to say thank you for producing Rose Rambler each week.

My heart lifts when I see the title ‘Silkie Gardens Rose Farm’ in amongst all the other emails. I know I’m going to see some stunning photos of lovely blooms that will inspire me with ideas for future roses, there’ll be timely advice to help the roses I already have, and some light-hearted laughs (or groans) along the way.

You do it all so well, so reliably. I know you’re extremely busy and your days exhausting, so a huge thank you for keeping on and for giving us all, your readers, so much pleasure.


- Stefanie, Southbank