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About Bare-rooted roses

During winter months when the roses are not flowering, we have them available as bare-rooted plants. It is most important to NEVER allow the roots to become dry.  So if your garden beds are not ready for planting, please advise us so that we can hold the roses for you and forward them at an appropriate time.

When your rose order is ready for dispatch or collection, the roots are wrapped in damp newspaper and sealed in plastic to keep them damp during transit.

On receipt. remove the packaging and place the roots in seaweed solution for up to 24 hours prior to planting - this will enhance rapid development of new roots to establish in your rose garden.  Apply seaweed solution every couple of weeks. Simply pour over and around plants.  DO NOT APPLY ANY FERTILIZER until early spring.

Start the organic rose management at planting and repeat applications once a month.