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Organic Rose Management


Our aim is to grow plants with high levels of vigour rather than trying to make them grow fast.  We use and recommend a complete organic fertiliser with trace elements which creates the natural balance needed for better colour, length of flowering season and better vase life.  To ensure consistent growth, the fertiliser is applied year round at the rate of one half handful per plant, every 8 weeks.

As part of our ongoing maintenance program, we use Natrakelp naturally processed liquied seaweed, Eco-Oil botanical oil concentrate insecticide and Eco-Rose bicarbonate based fungicide.  Our recipe is simple, safe and economical:


To a 10 litre bucket add:

1/4 cup Eco-Rose (add some water to dissolve powder)

1/4 cup Natrakelp liquid seaweed

1/4 cup Eco-Oil (while adding remaining water)           

Mix together well and spray over leaves to runoff at least once a month or more frequently at critical periods of the season or if pests or disease occur.


We work on the basis that the healthier the plant, the greater its natural resistance to disease/pests and tolerance of stress.  A healthy, well-nourished rose plant will grow well without being pushed; why not do it our way? 100% organically - naturally!