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ROSE RAMBLER 26.06.2014

Hello dear rose friends … wish you could all come over and spend an evening at our place while we are compiling this Rose Rambler … it’s a hoot because Gra just loves the jokes and goes to great lengths to make this a fun publication – ask why I married him?  He’s a funny guy!!!

On that note, let’s do...


“The world grows twice as much food as it did a generation ago but abstracts three times as much water to do it” says Fred Pearce in his book, ‘When The Rivers Run Dry’ – highly recommended reading.

We all love roses because they are beautiful, fragrant, and flower over such a long season in our gardens.  Rose breeders are not only busy trying to increase the fragrance of roses, they’re doing great things to produce magnificent shrubs which tolerate all weather conditions and are particularly high-health and extremely drought tolerant.

This leads me to the point of advising you to install a watering system which ensures your roses get at least 10 litres of water per week – DELIVERED IN ONE WATERING – when the weather gets hot, up the watering to deliver around 20 litres per rose per week and your roses will continue to flourish and flower profusely no matter what the weather!  YOU WILL DEFINITELY SAVE WATER WITH A CONSISTENT WATERING SYSTEM!

Q.  How do you get a one-armed man out of a tree?  A.  Wave at him

While you’re pruning the roses, maybe planting new roses, consider planting some edible companion plants – silver beet, kale, garlic and many more which you can use in soups and stews or feed to the fowls.  Also, the leaves can be chopped up and mixed into the compost for green manure. 

Speaking of edible additions to your rose garden …
Q.  Why did the salad contact the police?  A.  It was receiving threatening lettuce.

Have a fun few weeks in the garden with the kids on holidays … let them plant some seeds, seedlings – maybe a rose – get them out pruning with you and enjoy the winter garden together … Gra



When it’s raining, the garden tends to look after itself.  However, if you have just planted bare-rooted roses in a new garden bed, be sure to check the drainage. 

There's nothing worse than roses trying to produce new shoots while being drowned by sitting in a swamp!  Because roses are so water-wise, once they’re established, they will tolerate occasional ‘drowning’ but while they are establishing in a new location, they need a balance of air and water to ensure they develop healthy roots.  This is particularly important for bare-rooted roses.

Over the years, customers who fail with bare-rooted roses have admitted that “the roses were sitting in a swamp” – ensure the drainage is adequate when you plant your new roses this winter.



Gawd, what a task … there are so many beautiful, stunning roses being root-pruned, dipped, and pitted into heel-in beds.  Today I trimmed the beautiful LINKED HEARTS and it made my heart melt to see such sturdy, magnificent plants of this heavenly fragrant rose

Unfortunately, we here in the Eastern States don’t know the organisation ‘Silver Chain’ which, in WA benefits from the proceeds of the sale of this rose but I would certainly highly recommend this rose for your garden and wish the Silver Chain Nursing Association well in their offer of caring … “every minute, every hour, every day” while we enjoy such a magnificent rose in our gardens!

Such an appropriate GIFT ROSE for many special occasions - take a look on our website at the range of gift roses which will suit an occasion when you need a rose to 'speak' for you!



We are endeavouring to get as many orders processed as is possible under the current weather conditions … the standard roses are still in the process of being dug and are holding up a whole lot of orders … expect to hear from us in the early weeks of July … thanks for your patience!

See you at the Rose Farm soon – Diana, Graham & Mooi
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